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    ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) — A bill that has just passed the Virginia House of Delegate would permit dogs in the tasting rooms of Virginia vineyards.

    In September, the Virginia Department of Agricultural and Consumer Services (VDACS) sent a letter to Bluestone Winerynotifying them of the state regulation. The agency cited its policy on animals in food and beverage establishments. Shortly afterward, the vineyard notified customers via email of a new policy barring any dog that's not a service animal from their tasting room.

    According to a spokeswoman for VDACS, dogs were never allowed inside Virginia tasting rooms (except service animals) and were only allowed outside at vineyards as of July 2016, under certain guidelines like being on a leash and not being able to sit on the tables and chairs.

    The guidelines were meant to keep dogs out of areas where wine is manufactured or sold.

    The crackdown on the policy struck a blow to many vineyards throughout the commonwealth, who often feature dogs in advertising and even in the names of their wines.

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    The spotted lanternfly (SLF) originates from China where its presence has been documented in detail dating as far back as the 12th century. In modern times, it was first recorded from a sample collected in Nankin, China. SLF is native to China, India, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. In September 2014, the first detection of spotted lanternfly in the US was confirmed in eastern Pennsylvania. In 2015, the range expanded from two to four Pennsylvania counties; the geographical range is likely to expand further.SLF is likely to have arrived from China up to two years earlier on shipping materials, pointing to its ability to overwinter successfully. It is highly invasive and can spread rapidly when introduced to new areas. This is attributed to its wide host range (more than 70 host plant species) and a lack of natural native enemies.

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    BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Virginia wine may be tasting more rich and round because of a tool at Virginia Tech.

    A team there developed a way to help hundreds of wine makers find the right spot to grow grapes.

    "We look at probability of frost on any particular day," said Peter Sforza, the director of the Center for Geospatial Information Technology.

    Everyday a team of about six people works with grape growers in Virginia who are looking for the perfect land to grow the perfect grape. That is a full time job.

    "We're doing about 30 to 40 unique reports per day," Sforza said.

    Just last year the Center for Geospatial Information Technology at Virginia Tech launched, a site for those curious of starting vineyard or starting another. Their work began years before the launch of the site.

    Recently it's picked up interest as more people become more interested in starting a vineyard in Virginia. The Virginia Tech team's tools have been in high demand. Between May and August of 2015 the team had about 1,000 queries for information.

    The success relies on location, and this team has the formula to find that special place.

    Researchers look at things like the type of soil, climate, elevation, even the slope to determine if the plot of land is right for growing grapes.

    "And so we've built tools to help growers not only select a site but match which variety of grape might fit best at a particular location," Sforza said.

    Growers can enter information about their land on the website and get information from the team in Blacksburg. Data shows weather patterns, forecasts the growing season, and shows warnings, among other things.

    "We take that weather forecast and evaluate your risk for fungal and bacterial diseases on grapes," Sforza said.

    It's a growing industry that's uncorked new potential with research that originates in our backyard.

    "Virginia is a fantastic place to grow grapes and establish a vineyard," Sforza said.

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    The 2017 Loudoun Wine Awards belonged largely to Sunset Hills Vineyards Friday night.

    Sunset Hills' 2016 Viognier was named the top local wine at the annual awards dinner, and the Purcellville winery's acclaimed red wine Mosaic won best Bordeaux blend. 

    2017 Loudoun Wine Awards

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    Glasses, ice buckets and even corn hole boards are being stolen from Loudoun Wineries. 

    Washington Post September 17, 2017

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    Virginia vineyards are reporting slightly early harvests for wine grapes this season, though production varies from vine to vine.

    Many vineyards have been harvesting 10 days earlier than normal because of the fair spring weather, though there is variance in harvest time and grape variety across the state, said Tony Wolf, viticulturist for Virginia Cooperative Extension’s Alson H. Smith Jr. Agriculture Research and Extension Center.

    The Roanoke Times, August 31, 2017 

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    The Loudoun Wineries Association has announced the winners of it third annual Loudoun Wine Awards. The results left members positive and energized about the state and direction of wine production in Loudoun County.

    This year’s contest was a bit different. For the first time, the association’s 24 members made a strategic decision to require all wines submitted to the contest to have at least 75 percent of its grapes grown in Loudoun County. All wines also must be produced and bottled in the county.

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    Here is an article regarding the first steps forward in establishing an Enology and Viticulture Workforce Training Center in Loudoun.

    Kellie Boles, Loudoun DED, talked at the Feb 11th LWA membership meeting asking for any wineries that wish to help with this effort by having specific classes from NVCC held at their site can get in touch with Kellie.

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    Here is an article in the Loudoun Times Mirror regarding the Gold Medal Winners in this year's Governor's Cup Competition:

    Loudoun Times Mirror: Another Great Showing by Loudoun Wines in 2015 Governors Cup Competition

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